2018 Halloween Sale Lightings
62 White 12*25 String Bulbs Plug-in Waterproof LED Lights US$ 28.70
64 Black Basis with 1-Bulb and Decorative Pattern Hardware and Glass Wall Light US$ 40.58
38 Black Basis with Heart Shape Hardware Classic Wall Light US$ 86.12
22 Handmade Decorative Artificial Pearls and Flowers Design 6.6 Feet Length LED String Lights US$ 28.70
43 Romantic Decorative Heart Shaped 6.6 Feet Width LED Light US$ 27.71
41 Creative and Modern Style Little Water droplets Shape Design 1.5 Meter Strip LED Lights US$ 16.82
70 Star Sky Plug-in/AA Battery Projector LED light US$ 29.69
57 Fancy Fabric Flower Shape 6.5 Feet Length 20 Bulbs LED String Lights US$ 22.76
42 197in Shells String Lights 30 Bulbs Waterproof and Eco-friendly LED Lights US$ 15.83
43 Contemporary Jellyfish-shaped Remote Control Table/Floor LED Light US$ 67.31
53 Beautiful Acrylic Heart and Love Shape LED Nightlight US$ 22.76
42 Christmas Decorative Three Pieces Jingle Bell Shape Battery LED Lights US$ 42.56
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