2017 Singles Day Blankets
50 Graceful Noble Purple Lily Print Coral Fleece Blanket US$ 30.19
65 Florid Solid-colored Light Purple Thick Flannel Blanket US$ 43.09
65 Small Flowers Printing Fiery Red Raschel Blanket US$ 52.09
70 Soft Sweet Heart Shape and Roses Printed Flannel Blanket US$ 51.39
60 New Arrival Top Class Comfortable Skin Care Branch Soft Blanket US$ 37.09
55 High Class Amazing & Unique Summer Blanket US$ 42.19
75 Graceful Purple Flowers Design Soft Polyester Blanket US$ 63.29
75 Top Class Anti-pilling Raschel Blanket with Floral Design US$ 53.39
75 Exquisite Red Floral Printing Blanket for Winter US$ 61.69
60 Solid Color Rose Pink Thick Flannel Blanket US$ 30.19
55 Cute Mustache and Hearts Printed Flannel Blanket US$ 9.99
60 Gorgeous Novel Peacock Print Soft Cotton Blanket US$ 50.29
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