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Shipping Methods
Main shipping methods

Expedited shipping

Delivery time usually takes 3 - 5 days to all major destinations. Different items have different shipping costs.

Standard shipping

Standard shipping costs less than expedited shipping but takes a bit longer than expedited shipping. Different items have different shipping costs, but as
for the free shipping items, standard shipping order will get a 100% discount on shipping costs.

Super Savings

Super savings costs the least but takes longer time to arrive. We offer this economical option for low weight items. If you want to save more on shipping

and not in a rush to get the order, it will be your perfect choice.

Usually items under 1KG support Super Savings shipping method.

Item Processing Time

In-stock items will be sent out within 24-48 hours.Non-stock items will be sent out within 3-7 days.The time we are talking about is

a working day and may be delayed if we encounter holidays.

Note:Custom-made products such as digital beddings,3d curtains,lights,processing time is longer than other products,please wait

patiently.You can check the processing time of these special products as below.

Shipping Cost

We provide super saving shipping,standard shipping and expedited shipping.

Different countries and different weight segments have different logistics fees and transportation time.

Shipping Courier

We support the following courier.We will arrange the best courier according to your choice of the shipping method
and shipping address.

Tips for choosing your desired courier?

Different couriers are chosen according to the time that our customers expect to receive their products and circumstances in different countries at specific time.
You can choose your couriers based on a combination of the following:

A) Weight and dimensions of package

B) The locationWe are shipping from (city, state, country or region)

C) The locationWe are shipping to (also called the destination country or region)

Shipping costs are calculated individually for each order based on the number and weight of items in your order, as well as the shipping method you choose .

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